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The Twenty20 Cup, Fixtures

The Twenty20 Cup, Fixtures

A Brief History Of The Twenty20 Cup, Fixtures

When the Benson And Hedges Cup was ended in 2002, English cricket needed another one day competition to fill its place, the cricketing authorities also needed to boost the games popularity with the younger generation, they decided Twenty 20 Cricket was the answer.

Heres how it works, Each county bats for a maximum of 20 overs, bowlers are limited to four overs each and the whole thing takes less than three hours, and most matches take place between 5.30pm and 8.15pm.

A few new rules have been added to the game, such as batsmen have 90 seconds to jog to the wicket and there are no drinks intervals. A maximum of five fielders on the leg side and a strict interpretation of the wide rule aims to combat negative bowling.
Previous Winners Of The Twenty20 Cup, Fixtures

Sussex beat Somerset by 63 runs
Middlesex beat Kent by 3 runs
Kent Beat Gloucestershire by 4 wickets
Leicestershire Beat Nottighamshire by 4 runs
Somerset Beat Lancashire By 7 wickets
Leicestershire Beat Surrey By 7 wickets
Surrey Beat Warwickshire By 9 wickets